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My name's Kevin Nield, or quite a few people just call me Knivek. I'm a 3D modeler, texturer and renderer by trade. With a wee bit of animation thrown in for good measure. My undergrad started out in theater set design. I loved designin' and building those stage sets; creating something out of nothing, but then I discovered computers, and never had quite so much paint and glue on my hands again. I wanted to delve in film and animation with games as well. To create worlds has always been my joy, ever since I was a wee lil' boy. If you've got something you need to visualize, model, create, then I'm your guy. I'm still finishing up my Thesis for my MFA in Animation from Savannah College of Art & Design. I practically lived in Maya while there doing more than a few character models, their rigging and texturing. Most recently I've been working for the architectural and engineering firm of Gannett Fleming in Pennsylvania doing 3D renderings of all kinds of things they design. Since being there I had to learn to live and breathe 3DMax as well. I can honestly say I love it. Please take a few minutes to look around my site. Feel free to drop me a line, tell me what cha' think!

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